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We Believe a Better Future is Possible

We Believe a Better Future is Possible

On your first day of work at Bowery, the people operations team shares our company values. We know what you’re thinking, “sure, every company has a similar list of positive statements, but who actually references them after day one?”

Well, we do! All the time, actually. Our CEO, Irving Fain, consistently calls out specific values at our all-hands meetings. And we even give out awards to team members every week who exemplify our values. To us, this list is not only a guide to cultivate Bowery’s culture, but also a reminder of what we’re working to accomplish as a company.

At the top: “We believe a better future is possible.” With this, our company initiated something called “The Better Future Fund.” This is an award that recognizes individuals on their 2-year anniversary at Bowery. It invites them to pick a registered 501(c)(3) charity of their choice that exemplifies this value, and Bowery makes a donation on their behalf.

See below for some of the organization’s our staffers picked.


Ben Levick, Head of Supply Chain

City Year

“City Year is an Americorps affiliated charity that focuses on improving educational outcomes in inner city schools by embedding Americorps service members for year-long periods at at-risk schools where they focus on student attendance, coaching/role-modeling, and special support for math and english.

In addition to seeing improved graduation rates and test scores, I've personally volunteered both at City Year schools as well as in a mentorship role to corps members, and have been inspired by both the outcomes and enthusiasm the corps teams drive within schools, as well as the development that the year of service can have on the corps members themselves - a real win-win. I'm excited to see democratization in our education system that parallels Bowery's mission to democratize food, and City Year is a worthy partner!”


Bill Miller, Farm Operations

All Hands and Hearts Smart Response

“This is an organization I've wanted to volunteer with for quite a few months now! All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response efficiently and effectively addresses the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disasters. By listening to local people, and deploying our unique model of engaging volunteers to enable direct impact, we rebuild safe, resilient schools, homes and other community infrastructure.”

Brian Falther

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

“I’m super excited to share that I chose to donate to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. The Appalachian Trail is a 2,200 mile hiking trail that runs from Georgia to Maine, and it’s on my bucket list to thru-hike the entirety of it with my wife! I’ve always had an admiration for nature and am encouraged that the ATC is creating a better future by preserving and managing this amazing piece of land.”

Brian Falther.jpg

Henry Sztul

Red Cross

“We're helping build a better future, until we get there we know that people need help. The red cross is here for just that. Their volunteers and staff work to deliver vital services – from providing relief and support to those in crisis, to helping you be prepared to respond in emergencies.”

Julia Cohen


“Unbound sponsors individuals living at the margin of society throughout the world empowering them to become self-sufficient and fulfill their desired potential. The cause is important to me because it creates opportunity and hope for people throughout the world who might otherwise not have the chance to fulfill their potential and contribute to the global community. And we need all the help we can get!”

Julia Headshot R.jpg

Katie Morich

Boys and Girls Club of Paterson & Passaic

“I worked for a nonprofit that taught after school gardening programs to kids in urban areas and one of the locations I worked with was the Boys and Girls Club of Paterson & Passaic. These kids really inspired me week after week through their constant dedication to continue to learn and grow after school hours. This donation would help the Boys & Girls club continue the work that they are doing by providing an educational and safe environment for kids whose parents have to work multiple jobs or longer hours like mine did. Wishing nothing but the best for these kids and their futures!”

Tara O’Heir

Food Empowerment Program

“Since early on I have always been interested in Food Deserts and what causes them and how people can help. To me knowledge is the most important aspect when it comes to the food we eat. The Food Empowerment Program seeks to help educate people on food, the politics behind it, and help to gain access in communities that struggle.”

Tara Headshot R_.jpg
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