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Bowery Celebrates Biodiversity this Earth Day

Bowery Celebrates Biodiversity this Earth Day

This year, the theme of Earth Day is Protect Our Species. Here at Bowery, we’re focusing on biodiversity in food. Biodiversity can be defined simply as the variety of life on earth. It is estimated that we share the earth with 8.7 million species that are vital to maintaining our ecosystem. We are currently in the largest period of species extinction. Currently, 6,000 plant species on our planet have been cultivated for food, yet only nine of them account for two-thirds of all crop production. Every time a species goes extinct, it has a ripple effect on the rest of the ecosystem. Biodiversity for food and agriculture is essential for maintaining resilient ecosystems and producing more food with less environmental impact.

Our predominant food and traditional agriculture system today is largely characterized by three destructive actions:

  • Growing of a single plant, or "monoculture”

  • Genetically engineered crops

  • Repeated toxic chemical use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers

Each of these harm people and the agricultural ecosystems they depend on. Without solutions, an increased demand for food will lead to significant and continued biodiversity loss.  

At Bowery, we’re on a mission to combat these issues and develop solutions. Our indoor farms are spaces that can cultivate and contribute to biodiversity. Here’s how:

  • We grow plants 365 days a year with zero pesticides. Since our indoor farms offer a controlled environment, we are not affected by seasonality and varying weather patterns, which can leave farmers with unpredictable yields.

  • Our indoor farms also enable us to cultivate over 100 types of crops, which are typically difficult to germinate and grow in this region. We’re able to give these plants the ideal environment they need to thrive. As a result, we maintain a high level of genetic diversity and foster unique crops such as Wasabi Arugula.

Biodiversity is crucial in maintaining the quality and quantity of food produced and the ecosystem at large, but we also need to invest in alternate methods that support traditional agriculture. As a company, Bowery welcomes an open dialogue with traditional growers to rethink the current agricultural system and address the needs of an ever-increasing population.

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Below is a recipe developed by Ashton Keefe inspired by the World Wide Fund for Nature’s “Future Foods” initiative, which identified 50 diverse ingredients that celebrate sustainable diets.

HERE’S ALL YOU NEED TO DO: Combine cooked quinoa with Bowery Farming Bok Choy, sesame seeds, flax seeds, yellow/orange tomatoes, roasted broccoli rabe and walnuts. Drizzle generously with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Enjoy!

Sweet and Spicy Greens with Brown Rice and Snapper

Sweet and Spicy Greens with Brown Rice and Snapper

Bowery Farming is Now Available on Amazon!

Bowery Farming is Now Available on Amazon!